Frequently Asked Questions

This page has been made only to inform and help. Some information can be change trough the time. Any additional questions or doubts please contact us.


After any order is placed for any of the kits there is no returns.

Backorder parts:

It is not usual but it can happen, we depend on some suppliers for the parts locally and internationally. Some customers want their kit sooner even when we don’t have the kit completed, we send the kit without some part(s). As soon as we collect the part(s) we’ll send the part(s) together.

DDR Specifications


  • Chassis: Mig welded carbon steel space frame on all models
  • Body: Composite fiberglass on all models
  • Suspension: Adjustable coilovers on all models
  • Engines GT4: 4 cylinders Acura/Honda Toyota. Transversally mounted
  • Engine GT8: GM C5 Corvette V8 longitudinally mounted
  • Transmissions GT4: Manual/Automatic – Acura/Honda Toyota OEM
  • Transmissions GT8: Manual – Audi, Porsche G50 or G96 with KEP adaptor plate
  • Brakes: Discs front and rear


  • Sparco FIA/CE approved bucket seats
  • Sparco CE/DOT approved seat belts
  • Sparco CE/DOT approved steering wheel

Complete car measurements (inches):

  • Length: 168″
  • Width: 72″
  • Height: 44″
  • Wheelbase: 107″
  • Approximate weight 2,700 lbs. Weight varies depending on parts/accessories material and quantity of insulation used inside the cockpit


  • CE/DOT approved 4 points seatbelts


  • Fuel tank 11 US Gallons
  • Engine Oil
  • GT8 6-US quarts
  • GT4 4-US quarts

Lighting System:

  • Headlights Hella CE/DOT approved
  • Tail lights: Hella CE/DOT approved
  • License plate lights: LED

Kit Registration USA:


Kit shipping inside USA:


KIT shipping outside USA:



  • 01- Industrial full container 20/40 foot international shipping
  • 02- Select service
  • 03- Export from North America
  • 04- Fill the spaces in blank
  • 05- We recommend 20 foot for one kit/car
  • 06- No hazardous material

Kit crate measures:

  • 170″ x 75″ x 45″

Kit crate weight:

  • 1,100 lbs.



Shipping to Canada:


Procedures to ship to Canada:

About the documentation – The documentation that is required by Canadian officials must include a zero balance invoice. So Canadian orders are best to be paid in full as soon as possible to be sure you get approval from Transport Canada. Upon receipt of your payment, we will forward to you the following documents. The exact invoice for your chassis kit parts. The invoice will have a zero balance owed and record the parts and options ordered. An exact copy of the actual packlist of your chassis kit. The pack list will have your name and invoice number clearly recorded on each and every page. You will need to fill The NAFTA agreement form. Certificate of Origin.

We provide you the necessary information to fill this form. When you receive these documents from us you must forward these documents, via fax to Canadian officials at Transport Canada. Please be considerate and patient as TC needs at least around 2 weeks to process this information.

Forward documents to:
Information Centre/Centre d\’information
Transport(s) Canada
Motor Vehicle Safety/Sécurité des véhicules automobiles
1-800-333-0371 or (613) 998-8616

Transport Canada will review your documents and forward to you a letter indicating you are cleared to import these articles. You must have a copy of this approval letter or you will not be allowed to bring these kit parts into the country. Once approval letter is received, you may make arrangements for the picking-up and/or shipping of your kit. If you are shipping this kit on a commercial carrier and you will not be present at the border, you must arrange a broker. As a Canadian customer, you are the importer of record. That means you have to deal directly with Canadian customs and transport officials.

Vehicle titling USA:

  • Go to DMV page to see procedures:

More FAQ’s:

  • 01- What type of deposit do you require? The first payment 50% secures delivery date. The second payment 25% is due halfway through build. The third payment 25% is due two weeks before delivery (delivery is FOB our shop).
  • 02- How long it takes a kit to be ready? Normally 6 to 8 weeks.
  • 03- It is possible to acquire a complete assembled DDR? Yes. Contact us for pricing and terms.
  • 04- Are there any vertical steering wheel adjustments, can this be adjusted up or down? Yes, all the DDR model uses the donor OEM steering with tilt steering column.
  • 05- Can a push button start be placed instead of the key? Yes.
  • 06- Doors locks, are there any installed? No, you can install an aftermarket kit.
  • 07- I would like to add a rearview camera is that possible? Yes. There’s many options on the market.
  • 08- Is there a possibility of installing a rear spoiler to the back deck? Yes. Let us know to set up your car to accept the spoiler kit.
  • 09- Can more air conditioning vents be added for comfortable (the wife’s priority) No, the system only come with 3 vents outlet. However, the AC works very well.
  • 10- The seats can be adjusted fwd and back? Yes.
  • 11- Can I come and look at the Miami GT at your factory? Time permitting of course? Yes, you can come at any time. Contact us to arrange your visit.