DDR Motorsport was founded in 2001 by our President Diego Grullón with a group of enthusiasts, mechanical engineers and specialists in all car areas. The Grullón GT (Grand Touring) model line resembles the design of the European GT world endurance prototype cars. Our specialists goal was to create one of the most remarkable component car available.

With more than 25 years working with a selected group of race car builders and race teams worldwide, Diego Grullón built a wealth of knowledge about performance cars, serial structures and forms; knowledge that would prove invaluable in his subsequent design and fabrication on real scale cars.

DDR Motorsport located in Miami, Florida. USA and is proud to have customers in 5 continents.

The focus of our Company is the design and manufacture of complete component or kit cars, as well as prototype development and manufacturing applications for our customers. We currently have a group of specialists which include designers, car electricians, fabricators, mechanics, and composite specialists.

DDR Motorsport’s team of professionals is passionate about its mission: To ensure that every DDR kit is created with the highest levels of innovation, craftsmanship, and care.

As a low-volume products company it will deliver superior quality, refinement, and exclusivity that are uniquely DDR.


The concept behind the car is simple, make an affordable Supercar. This was the idea behind our group intentions. They had realized one day that even though their passion and love for the GT race and street cars of today.

…To quote the words of Ferdinand Porsche, “I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself”.

This kits are being built with the sports car concept as the number one priority.