DDR Services

Personal Projects

We can make your dream come true...If you have designed your own car and want it built for you, DDR can do it. Years of experience enable DDR Motorsport to see any project from concept and design through fabrication, to complete product delivery.

DESIGN - PROTOTYPING - MOLDS - FABRICATION - FINISHED PARTS. From full-scale production projects to one-off development mules, DDR Motorsport provides an efficient and effective solution.

Complete DDR's

Many people choose to build their own car, however there are people interested in purchasing a completed car. At DDR Motorsport we do not build completed cars. Recently we have worked with a good number of custom car mechanics and hot rod builders. These professionals specialize in starting with the DDR kit and performing assembly and custom car building services to a customer's specification. Prices and services vary and we can help put you in touch with an appropriate shop. Call or email us for an independent DDR Motorsport builder.

Shipping (Throughout USA)

We only deliver our kits FOB our facilities in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. United States. However, we can help our costumers find some shippers to deliver your kits continental United States or worldwide. (DDR Motorsport does not have any commercial relation or benefits from these companies).


For international shipments of your kits or complete cars, we have two important ports in south Florida. The Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale and the port of Dodge Island in Miami Florida.